Welsh Names for Children

Here is a list of popular Welsh names for children


AledA river and lake in Clwyd
AlunA river in Clwyd
AneirinThe name of an early Welsh poet
ArfonAn area in Gwynedd around Caernarfon
ArthurA Welsh king famous for his bravery in battle and his
BedwyrOne of king Arthur’s right hand men
BrychanThis name means freckled, and was the name of the ruler from
which the name of Breckonshire is derived
CaiAn officer of Arthur’s court
CaidThe king of Esyllwg who ruled South East Wales from Porthceri,
Barry and fought bravely against the Romans
CeriThis name is derived from the word for love. It can be used for
either a boy or a girl.
Clwyd A territory in North East Wales
CybiA saint whose name lives on in Caergybi (Holyhead)
DafyddA saint
DeiniolA sixth century saint regarded as the first bishop of Bangor
Dewi The patron saint of Wales whose death is celebrated on 1 March
every year
Dyfed A territory in South West Wales
DyfrigThe name of an early Welsh saint
DylanA sea god from mythology
EirianThis name is derived from the word for silver. It can be used for
either a boy or a girl.
EurigThis means ‘golden ruler’.
EurynA golden boy
GarethBenign, caring
GeraintThis is the name of the hero of one of the romances in the
GruffyddThis name means ‘strong lord’. It is also used in the diminutive form
of Guto.
GwynWhite, holy, fair
GwyneddA territory in North West Wales
HefinThis name derives from the word for summer.
HuwWarm hearted
HywelEminent. Hywel Dda was a 10th century king whose name
is associated with the Welsh Laws
IdrisThe name of the mythical giant that gave his name to the
mountain Cader Idris
IestynA Welsh form of Justin, meaning fairness.
Ieuan/Ifan/IoanAlong with Iwan, these are all Welsh forms of John.
A diminutive form is Ianto
LlwydOne with grey hair
Iolo or IoriDiminuatives of Iorwerth
Iorwerth Worthy lord or worthy of God
IrfonA river in Powys where Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the last
independent prince of Wales, died in 1282
IwanForm of John
LlywelynLeader, prince
MeilirThis name is derived from the ancient British for ‘great king’.
MeirionThe Welsh form of Merlin. A mythological poet and wizard
MeredyddGreat lord
MorganAn old name which could mean either ‘born great’ or ‘born of the
sea’. This was the name of the early Welsh ruler who gave his
name to Glamorgan
MyrddinThe Welsh form of Merlin. A mythological poet and wizard
OsianThe name in its Welsh form of the hero who features in the Irish
love story of Niamh and Oisin
PedrStone or rock
PeredurThe name of one of King Arthur’s knights
RhisiartThe Welsh form of Richard, which means ‘strong ruler’
RhodriAn old Celtic name which literally means ‘king of the wheel’.
Rhodri Fawr was the name of the king who united most of
Wales under his rule in the ninth century
RhydderchThis means ‘generous lord’. Rhydderch Hael was the ruler
of the ancient British kingdom of Rheged, which corresponds
to the modern Cumbria.
Seiriol A saint who gave his name to Ynys Seiriol (Puffin Island) off Anglesey.
SteffanA Welsh form of Stephen
TristanThe name of the hero associated in Welsh with the story of
Tristram and Isolde
WynWhite, pure