Useful Welsh Phrases

Visiting Wales? Here are some useful phrases for you:

Please note that the ‘ch’ letter is always pronounced as in the name “Bach” or the Scottish ‘loch’ and never as the ‘ch’ in English such as in “chimney” or “much”.

The letter ‘ll’ is a little more difficult. My advice would be to say the letter ‘l’ (with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth), and then breathe in sharply through the sides of your mouth. Try and recreate that sound breathing out!

There are some phrases which are regional (North / South). However you will be understood anywhere with either version.
Let us know if you need any further words or phrases.

Bore da [borr-eh dah] Good morning
P’nawn da [p-noun dah] Good afternoon
Noswaith dda [noss-why-th tha] Good evening
Nos da [noss dah] Good night
Shw’mae (South Wales) [shoe-my] Hi / Alright?
Su’mae (North Wales) [See-my] Hi / Alright?
Shwt ŷch chi? (South Wales) [Should ee chee] How are you?
Sut dach chi? (North Wales) [Seat dah-ch chee] How are you?
Ble mae… [blair my] Where is…
Diolch [dee-ol-ch] Thank you
Diolch yn fawr [dee-ol-ch] Thank you very much
Croeso [croy-so] Welcome / you’re welcome
Ga i [gah ee] Can I have / May I?
Esgusodwch fi [ess-giss-odd-ooch vee] Excuse me
Ty bach [tee bach] Toilet (lit. Little house)
Oes …… yma? [oys ……. umm-ah] Is there a …… here?
Coffi [coffee] Coffee
Te [teh] Tea
Llaeth [ll-aye-th] Milk
Siwgwr [shoo-goor] Sugar

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