Months of the Year

Here are the months of the year in Welsh along with a rough pronounciation guide

Welsh English Rough Pronounciation Guide
Ionawr January yourn-our
Chwefror February ch*oo-ev-roar (*ch as in Bach/loch)
Mawrth March mau-rth* (*th as in thin / thimble)
Ebrill April ebb-rill
Mai May my
Mehefin June meh-hev-inn
Gorffennaf July gore-fen-av
Awst August *house-t (without the ‘h’ at the beginning)
Medi September meddy
Hydref October hudd-rev
Tachwedd November tach*-weh-th (*ch as in Bach / loch)
Rhagfyr December rag-virr

Watch this great youtube video to learn how to remember the months in Welsh!

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