Free Welsh Taster Course

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Croeso – Welcome

This is the ‘Now You’re Talking’ free Welsh taster course for absolute beginners.
This version introduces language forms used in south Wales.

In this short course, we’ll teach you how to get by in 10 social situations.


For each item of language you’ll hear

  • first, the Welsh – just listen
  • then, the meaning in English
  • finally, you’ll hear the Welsh again – this time, try and repeat it

You can pause and replay the audio at any time.
When you’re ready, move on to the next lesson. 

Barod? – Are you ready? – Barod?
Choose your lesson from the list below, click on it and enjoy!

{audio}images/Audio/lesson_01.mp3{/audio} Lesson 1: Greetings and Goodbyes
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_02.mp3{/audio} Lesson 2: Asking how someone is
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_03.mp3{/audio} Lesson 3: Talking about the weather
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_04.mp3{/audio} Lesson 4: Slowing the conversation down
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_05.mp3{/audio} Lesson 5: Introductions
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_06.mp3{/audio} Lesson 6: Offering refreshments
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_07.mp3{/audio} Lesson 7: Asking for things
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_08.mp3{/audio} Lesson 8: Asking where things are
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_09.mp3{/audio} Lesson 9: Asking when something is happening
{audio}images/Audio/lesson_10.mp3{/audio} Lesson 10: Asking what time something is happening