10 Reasons to Learn Welsh

1. Over 580,000 speak Welsh in Wales and probably at least that many outside! All children in schools in Wales either speak or learn Welsh so it is going to be a language of the future.

2. The public sector in Wales is legally bound to provide services in both Welsh and English and many private companies do so because it’s good for business. This means that Welsh speakers are in demand – especially in some employment sectors.

3. Research shows that once you have mastered two languages, learning others becomes simpler.

4. Throughout Europe, the tourist and hospitality industries are coming to realize the importance of being able to offer unique cultural experiences. Having two languages and a sense of Welsh history and culture puts Wales in a strong position.

5. Even learning a little Welsh can increase your sense of awareness of what is around you. Understanding the names of streets and place names in your area and the reasons behind them can be extremely interesting and can open new doors.

6. Some who learn Welsh go on to be teachers of Welsh in schools and adult classes or will take up administrative posts in these fields.

7. Having two languages gives you access to two cultures! Radio Cymru, S4C, Radio Acen and the Eisteddfod – as well as hosts of local and community events can be enjoyed without translation equipment and subtitles. Those interested in literature and history will have access to a literary tradition spanning 1,500 years! Those interested in music will be able to enjoy a greater understanding of Welsh pop and rock, folk, choir and hymn music.

8. If you are a historian or tracing your family tree the Welsh language could well be an essential research tool.

9. Learning anything is good for you! The longer you can keep the mind active, the fitter your mind will be! so why not learn Welsh?

10. There are many who believe that Welsh is the language of heaven!