St David

1st March, 589 A.D.

On the first of March, 589 A.D, Archbishop Dewi died peacefully at his home in St David’s, Dyfed.

The Archbishop’s history is interesting. His mother was a nun called Non. She had decided never to marry but was raped by the king of Cardiganshire, Sant son of Ceredig. After the child’s birth, Non, who was a niece of King Arthur, went to live a pure and simple life on her own. She did not eat anything except bread and water.

Dewi, her son, was sent first to Aberaeron and then to Llanddeusant to be taught by the famous teacher, Paulinius. Soon, he began his missionary work – travelling through South Wales and the West of England and establishing key centres such as Glastonbury and Croyland. Later, he returned to St David’s and despite a difficult dispute with local Irish Prince, Boia, established a new Centre which grew to be the headquarters for the Church in Wales.

He was made an archbishop during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem with fellow missionaries Teilo and Padarn.

Dewi will be especially remembered for his first miracle in Llanddewibrefi when the land rose under his feet in a public meeting so that everybody could hear him.

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